DeNA recruit in disaster affected areas

April 1st, 2011By Category: Work Tips

DeNA, which we have covered before as one of the Japanese companies leading the charge to internalization, has revealed that it will recruit between 50 to 100 people directly from disaster affected areas in northern Japan.

The company will make a special point of recruiting people currently forced to live in temporary housing and evacuation centers, with initial positions going to customer service positions on a temporary contract basis. In total, they plan to hire up to 100 people in the region.

The recruitment by DeNA comes after their cash donation to the relief effort, part of generous contributions by Japanese companies, and is designed to help alleviate some of the fears over the local employment situation. Their official announcement points out that, as an internet company they were keen to find a way to show their support and decided to implement a hiring scheme to create new opportunities.

You can find DeNA positions on GaijinPot here. Find out more about donating your money or support to relief efforts by heading here.


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