Participate in a market survey and get paid for your opinions

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Participate in a market survey and get paid for your opinions

We are always on the lookout for ways foreigners can make some spare cash that can be done easily on the side. This is not a “job” belonging with the other employment opportunities but rather a way to some additional income answering questions becoming a “Market Research Monitor.” Basically this is way to get paid for spouting off your opinions with no consequences for a wrong answer as there are no “wrong” answers, and the only qualification you need to have is to be a foreigner, any nationality, living in Japan.

Here is more about how being a “Market Research Monitor” works and the company providing this opportunity.

OverseasLink, operated by ComeBackHouse Co., Ltd, is business-related social networking service for foreigners living in Japan. Their specialty is assisting Japanese companies that want to market their products better to non-Japanese (overseas and in Japan) thus need the opinions of GaijinPot readers. Most of the projects consist of participating in a survey, where you are interviewed for about 1 – 2 hours, in which you will receive an honorarium (payment) of 5,000 yen or more. Overseas link will then analyze the results of the surveys which are utilized in the development of various products and services.

Have you ever thought “this product would be perfect if they would only tweak it like xxxxx?” or “I would buy this product if it only did xxx.”? OverseasLink is the company that compiles the various new product and service surveys and takes your opinions seriously. Again, the only “qualification” is that you are a foreigner living in Japan.

In order for you to become a Market Research Monitor, fill out the easy registration form over at

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