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Experienced business travelers and those used to running their business on the go have no problems finding accommodation but to give themselves an office address to work from? That’s harder.

Hotel lobbies, business centers and even coffee shops make for useful meeting places, locations to do a quick network meeting and jump online to access emails, allowing for some work to get done. Although with ever growing opportunities in Japan, that is no longer always enough.

Now, Tokyo Synergy Office is helping office workers manage not just their immediate ad hoc needs for a work space with desk and wifi but are also providing added benefits like a PO box address that instantly give a business a coveted Tokyo address they register as their own (for the duration of their stay).

Whether you are a sales manager handling clients, freelancing or representing a foreign company in Japan, the access to rooms, facilities and an address, together with a great and reliable service gives you a big boost when looking to take advantage of Japan’s fast improving economy.

Those using Tokyo Synergy Office use the shared office space in a spirit of mutual respect, it`s an ideal environment for those who see others working around them as fellow co-creators and possible networking contacts rather than competitors. It`s the sort of setting that encourages you to get on and work without over burdening you with a foreboding atmosphere.


Another important consideration thought when choosing a place to work is a degree of privacy, and this is something else that Tokyo Synergy Office can offer, as you have your own workspace, there is room enough to spread out with a computer, paper, pens and other necessary accessories without worrying about if you are offending someone or taking up too much in a public space.


Of course, you might not only be looking to work purely from an office. Japanese companies can sometimes make getting work done internally actually quite hard, with politics and relationships to worry about, so these type of facilities also work if you are simply looking to get out and get on without interruption.

Work today is more social and mobile, and that is something that Tokyo Synergy Office understands.

Tokyo Synergy Office also try and foster this feeling of co-working with others in other fields by making sure you are not stranger to others in the facility while the meeting room on the third floor has an open design and can be taken by just making a friendly face-to-face check in a timely man- ner among all there. If you do want to get talking and share some experiences with others, a dedic- ate rest space with internet connection and power supply is also on hand. Creative work often hap- pens when people of different backgrounds come together to share problems.


Other benefits include the ability to register your company from their offices, and the ability to get a fixed line number in Japan with either a BASIX or VoIP connection. As is to be expiated, printer, scanner, shredder and copying machines can also be used on demand.

There is a regular clean up service that ensures the working environment is clean and proper at all times as well. At the common entrance there’s a book-shelf where all tenants can freely keep books or pamphlets to share everyone in the office. Your company’s name plate will be also pre- pared by Tokyo Synergy Office at the front entrance and at your door, so that you can feel secured by keeping a level of transparency within the office.


The office building is only about within 5 minutes walk from Hamamatsu-cho station of JR Yaman- ote line and Tokyo Monorail, which connects to the Haneda Airport both terminal 1 and 2. For busy professionals flying in and out between Japan and overseas, they offer the perfect package for your business center point.

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